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B.IN OVEN AMICA 12263.3 77Ltr METAL 10Pr

Barcode: ENFAMI122633EETS


Perfect roasting or baking is not just about having good cooking skills, first we need to have the right oven. With the BakingPro SystemT we don't have to worry about unevenly baked pies or a roast that is too dry! Cakes and pies are always perfect in the centre and never too brown at the edges, with precisely uniform heat and temperature distribution throughout the whole oven cavity. Save more time: the oven preheats to 150C in just 3 minutes! Perfect for anyone in a rush or just very hungry. Scrubbing the oven is something which you surely don't enjoy. To help with the cleaning, the inside of Amica ovens is coated with a special EasyClean enamel without pores and dents, which prevents dirt and grease from collecting. Now, cleaning your oven is extremely easy. Make your life easier! Don't waste too much time on cleaning! We also have something else for you! 11 handy functions, including Rapid Preheating and Defrost. Heating the oven in an instant, grilling food or defrosting a cut of meat are now the easiest things we can do in the kitchen.


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