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Auto Calibration - The IntelliPanel continuously measures the amount of electricity being consumed by your TV in active and standby mode, by learning your televisions unique energy pattern the IntelliPanel will only switch your peripherals on/off when appropriate. At the right time, every time. Zero-crossing detection - Automatically determines when the power supplied to the peripherals is at an optimum level Quality Surge Protection will dissipate surges up to 6kV. Permanent Power Socket - for items such as video recorders and Sky+ or Sky HD that require permanent power for timer recording. Telephone/Aerial SurgeProtection - High quality varistors give the best possible protection against surge. Telephone splitter-one input line split into two, one for a telephone and one for another application such as a Sky DigiBox. Lowest standby power of approx 0.4 watts. Saves an average 35 watts per hour depending on the number of connected peripherals. This product can pay for itself in less than a year of use. Reaction Time approximately 20 seconds Total Maximum Power 13 amps. Power cable length 2 Metres. Telephone cable length 2 Metres. Aerial cable length 2 Metres. 2 wall or desk mount lugs on the rear of the panel. Low energy green light indicates when the Master Socket is active and surge protection is functioning. Low energy red light indicates when the peripheral sockets are on. British Standards and RoHS Compliant


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